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"I was an athlete for most of my life (senior level figure skating). After retiring from being a pro with Disney, I injured myself on the ice. I went for a year, year and a half visiting every doctor and specialist trying to figure out what was wrong with me. After every test in the book, still no luck. Then, I found Dr. Sachse. I went through an MRI and we still couldn't find the injury. I specifically remember him telling me, "you just have to trust me, I know what it is and I can fix it, but I don't have anything to prove it."

Since a decent portion of his work was in the military and unable to rely on machines, I trusted and went under the knife. I woke up and sure enough I was fixed. After, there were a few other things that I had to address but every time he ended up being right and knew the solution.

I can honestly say I trust this Dr. to the fullest. I'll never forget how he changed my life after so much time wasted with other Drs and tests. Plus, he's just a great guy and doesn't make you feel like you're inconveniencing him.

Dr. Sachse, this was a long time coming but thank you again. I'll never forget how you helped me get back to normal life.



"I cannot say enough good about Dr. Sachse. This is a surgeon with great wisdom and a true concern for his patients. Dr. Sachse went against the other doctors in the hospital when I was deeply sick with C Diff and as a result, saved me having a colon. Then he guided me through the tough choices about surgical options and we eventually decided to not do surgery even though I know it cost him a lot of money since surgery had already been approved by all the other doctors and by my insurance. I trust him with my life. This guy is one in a million. Every doctor I told that I was with Dr. Sachse said "he is the best in the area". Do yourself a favor if you need a surgeon- do whatever it takes to use him."



"I was referred to Dr. Sachse by my primary physician and I found him to be wonderful. I had to have a large non-cancerous internal lump removed from my back. The surgery was very smooth and the incision can barely be seen. I would highly recommend Dr. Brett Sachse and will use him again for any surgical procedures that I may need in the future."



"You only need one visit to know that Dr. Sachse is an excellent doctor and an amazing human being."


"I would highly recommend Dr. Sachse to anyone needing a general surgeon. I never felt rushed through any appointments, he answered all my questions and explained things, I had a fast recovery and great outcome post surgery."



"Dr. Sachse was so not only a wonderful doctor and surgeon but he also had a great bedside manner. He was thorough and helpful and answered all of my questions. His schedule was packed but he didn't rush my appointment and made me feel at ease. Sheila, his right hand at the office, was incredible and is Wonder Woman. She went above and beyond to get me on the schedule, prepare me for surgery and answered all my post-op questions. These two make a dynamic duo. I hope I don't need surgery again, but if I do, I will be back."



"I was a nurse on the surgical unit for many years. I can tell you that this man has an excellent reputation in the hospital- both in the O.R. and post-operative. Many of the nurses have used him for themselves or family members. That should tell you something!"



"Dr Sachse and his staff were professional, kind, and efficient. Dr Sachse is a great surgeon with great bedside manners. Thank you Town Center Family Medicine for a great recommendation."



"Dr. Sachse has performed two stomach surgeries on me. The most recent was just before Thanksgiving. For this second surgery I requested him because he is such a thoughtful and thorough surgeon. My surgery required 17 days in the hospital and he saw me every day before and after the surgery. His ability to put me at ease was so appreciated and I could never ask for a better surgeon."



"Dr. Sachse repaired my inguinal hernia earlier this year. He did an excellent job, and I recommend him without hesitation. He answered every question I had, and my overall impression is that he is the kind of doctor who really cares about his patients."



"Dr. Sachse treated me during a life threatening emergency and guided me through surgical options once I recovered. I really cannot say enough good things about him. He truly cares about people and eventually agreed to not do surgery on me even though it cost him a big payday I'm sure because he felt it wasn't worth the risks for the potential rewards. Seriously, what surgeon does that? I have talked to a ton of people in the medical field and no one ever heard of that happening. A++++"



"It's been a few years now, but Dr. Sachse performed multiple surgeries to deal with my colon problems and then some follow on hernia issues as well. One of my colon surgeries resulted in a very long hospitalization but Dr. Sachse was on top of it and took extremely good care of me. He also made an "out of the box" home visit to me when I was having some problems with a bag I had to have for about six months, with his wife and children waiting for him in the car on my driveway. What kind of doctor would even consider something like that today? Great doctor, even better guy!"



"Dr. Sachse visited me that evening around 10 PM. He had performed 7 surgeries that day and was still doing rounds on his patients. He spent as much time as I needed to understand the operation and his findings, though I'm sure he was exhausted. He never showed it - he exemplified the highest standard of patient care and a wonderful bedside manner."



"Thanks to you I will be celebrating every day of my life. You are forever in my heart and I am forever grateful. I feel so very, very blessed that you did my operation and I will always be proud of my scar. My husband and family think the world of you, along with everyone that talked to me in the hospital. They love you. Thank you for being so good to my family. You helped them more than you could imagine.....the world is a better place because you are in it."



"From the initial meeting to the future ones, you answered all our questions and addressed all concerns. We like your style and your professionalism. Your surgery ABC's are second to none. You've given me the ability to enjoy again quiet dinners and times with my beautiful wife."



"I am so thankful for you actually taking the time to think outside of the box to figure out what was wrong with me. It meant so much that a doctor finally was willing to help us (me). You're a great're the kind of doctor EVERY hospital needs."



"In 2011, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Brett Sachse when I was admitted to Reston Hospital in need of emergency surgery. Since that time, I have needed subsequent surgeries which were also performed by Dr. Sachse. He is a highly skilled and knowledgeable doctor. His skills are only enhanced by his warm bedside manner and genuine caring for his patients. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of a top notch surgeon. Definitely 5 stars!"


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