Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the U.S. Approximately 140,000 people are diagnosed with it each year, and 50,000 die from it. Since 2000, March has been designated as Colon Cancer Awareness Month with blue as its ribbon color. Each year, many organizations including the Colon Cancer Alliance join together to plan events, fundraiser, and spread the word.

Colon Cancer Facts

Tips to Prevent Colon Cancer

Lifestyle choices do play a role in your risk of developing colon cancer. People who consume a high-fat diet from red meat and processed meat are at a higher risk for developing colon cancer. Those who lack exercise, consume excessive amounts of alcohol and smokers also put themselves at risk.

Get screened every 10 years once you turn 40. Colon cancer often starts as a polyp and progresses over a few years. Screening for cancer is crucial because it can detect a polyp prior to it becoming cancerous.

Studies have shown a link between smoking and colon cancer. Quitting smoking can not only reduce your risk of colon cancer, but other cancers and health issues as well.

How You Can Get Involved

Find fundraiser events near you – Many groups are holding run/walks, and awareness events. 

Host your own community events such as

And of course, share this information on social media, and consider donating

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