Diet After Colorectal Cancer Surgery

It’s common to have questions about diet after every surgery, especially after colorectal cancer surgery. A colectomy, which is commonly used to treat colon cancer, involves removing the part of the colon that’s affected. It’s crucial to follow your doctor’s guidelines after colon cancer surgery. 

Typically, Dr. Brett Sachse will recommend the following diet:

Clear Liquid Diet

After a colectomy, your bowels need time to heal and start working again. Immediately following surgery, your doctor will most likely recommend a clear liquid diet because clear liquids take very little to digest. Some options for a clear liquid diet are fruit juices, clear broth soups, tea, and frozen ices.

Full Liquids

Your doctor will assess your progress and eventually move you to a full liquid diet. In addition to the food allowed on a clear liquid diet, you can also add milk, vegetable juice, smooth soups and yogurt. If you’re concerned about getting proper nutrition, consult a specialist on how to get enough protein, fat, carbohydrates and calories. When done properly, it is possible to have a healthy diet.

Soft Foods

Once your bowels are back to normal, your doctor will re-introduce soft foods to your diet.

Bread, tender vegetables, cheese, oatmeal, and tender meat will be allowed in your diet. Your physician will give you specific guidelines and portion size and frequency of meals so you harm your bowels.

Getting Back to a Normal Diet After Colon Cancer Surgery

Bowel issues, such as diarrhea and trouble passing bowels are common after colon cancer surgery. It’s important to slowly adjust to a normal diet after surgery and focus on foods that are easy on digestion even after your doctor gives you the approval to eat all foods. Foods that aren’t greasy or spicy are easiest to digest.

Consult Dr. Brett Sachse for more information on the best way to get back to a normal diet after colon cancer surgery and call (571) 512-5300.

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