Risk Factors And Causes For Inguinal Hernia

Inguinal hernia occurs when part of the intestines pushes through a weakened spot in the abdomen near the right or left inguinal canal. Men and women can both experience hernias, but it is much more common in the male population.

The hernia can appear as a bulge at the groin or pubic area of the body with severe pain during exertion, a burning sensation, a swollen scrotum all acting as common symptoms. 

Let’s investigate the specific causes and risk factors for Inguinal hernias.

Four Types Of Inguinal Hernias

Inguinal hernias are the most common kind, making up nearly 70% of all hernias. There are four main types:

Direct Causes Of Inguinal Hernias

There are numerous situations which trigger an inguinal hernia. They include the following:

All of these situations contribute to an Inguinal hernia. It can be painful to do simple tasks like  bending over, getting up, coughing, just standing up for a period of time, or lifting anything heavy. Even simple movements can cause pain.

If you are experiencing any of these situations, it’s important to exercise caution to avoid a potential hernia. 

Potential Risk Factors

If an Inguinal hernia runs in your family you are at a higher risk to get one. According to the NIH,  “A family history of hernia was the most determinant factor for developing Inguinal hernia in adult males.” In fact you become 8 times more likely with a family history.

As a male gets older he is more likely to develop an Inguinal hernia. If someone is overweight, it can be a factor, but not conclusively proven. Smoking can also predispose you to an Inguinal hernia due to the persistent coughing.

Strenuous exertion increases your risk. If you have a hernia on one side, you are more likely to develop another on the other side

Inguinal Hernia Treatment in Washington DC

If you suspect you may have an Inguinal hernia, see Dr. Brett Sachse at Surgical Consultants of Northern Virginia for a thorough physical exam.








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